Ajisen Ramen (Takapuna) Restaurant

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Ajisen Ramen (Takapuna)

About Us

Ajisen Ramen specialises in tonkotsu pork bone broth and wheat flour noodles. The addition of Shigemitsu's roast garlic and onion flavouring or "the secret recipe," in the tonkotsu soup is apparently responsible for the chain's booming international success. The Kumamoto-style broth comes complete with an egg, chashu pork and kikirage mushrooms. Also on the extensive noodle menu are soy, miso and spicy sesame-based broths and the soup-less dry ramen which comes topped with minced pork, chashu and onion oil.


Ajisen Ramen in Takapuna

Ajisen Ramen (Takapuna) Restaurant located under Sentinel Apartment (Previous Mamak Malaysian Street Food) serve Asian, Japanese Ramen

Please call us at (09) 217 11 99

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